Friday, May 30, 2008

Double Stinky

Ahhhhhhh.......the smell of f*rts in a trapped room and skunk spray along a country road when you're trapped in your car. You just can't escape them.

I love Stinky books because they make for fun and noisy (laughing, squealing, howling) read-alouds - especially great in the library!

Whenever we go to the library we look for Winchell Cuts The Cheese by Taylor Lee and Peter Van Dijk but it's so popular with the kids that it's ALWAYS checked out. I'm going to have to place a Hold on it or maybe just buy a copy already. This book is super funny and sweet with a nice moral. It's a fun way to learn the etiquette of flatulence without using the stinky word "F*rt."

Please Don't Upset P. U. Zorilla by Lynn Rowe Reed is another stinky story of a skunk who needs a job but when he gets upset he lets off a spray. He's a hard worker and unfortunately can't seem to keep a job until he helps catch a robber(by knocking him out with his stench) in the Mayor's wife's jewelery store. In the end, the Mayor Tootlebee appoints P.U. Zorilla the Chief of Police.

Lynn Rowe Reed's art style is fun, fun, fun and so original. She uses lots of collage elements in her paintings. When you open the cover of this book there are all kinds of clippings of noses from magazines and the noses are saying "PEEE-U-U!" Be sure to check out Lynn's site here. She sells prints and does commissioned work as well as lettering and logos too.

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