Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Stone Buddha and Chai Tea

Lately, I have been reading a lot of Eastern philosophy for inspiration and guidance and have become addicted to drinking india spice chai tea rather than coffee for an afternoon pick me up. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love said (in an interview) that this tea tasted just like the tea she would drink daily in India. Mmmm it sure is good and even better with milk and honey!
Little Stone Buddha by Taiwan author K. T. Hao (translated in English by Annie Kung) and gorgeously illustrated by Giuliano Ferri , is a wonderful childrens picture book full of Buddhist philosophy and delicious sho-tao desserts too!(would be nice to have one with my tea now....)

It all starts out with a thunderbolt flashing across the sky which strikes a rocky cliff and sends a large stone tumbling down the mountain. For many years, weary travelers stop to rest on this stone along the path giving off a mysterious energizing power. As time goes, it takes on a shape and one day, a stone mason transforms the stone into a little buddha. "That night beneath the full moon the buddha comes alive from his thousands years sleep." From then on he wanders the mountainside, helping travelers in need and animals too. He protects the forest foxes from hunters and brings peace and security to them. One day a traveler gives a sho-tao offering to the buddah and finds a fox seated at each side of the statue. Now travelers bring 3 offerings, one for the buddha and one for each of the foxes who have become so revered that no one ever hunted foxes again.

This is the power of Buddha.


  1. Now I have the desire to travel and wander sacred paths. I think this book would bring up lots of great questions from my kids.

  2. They would love this book. We've already renewed it 2 times from the library. It's a nice bedtime reader because it's big (14 x 10) with big words to make it easier to read in a dimly lit room..... Maybe I need to get some glasses!


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