Monday, May 26, 2008


We went to the harbor and bought a delicious Halibut on Memorial Day weekend that previously had been caught by the fisherman. It previously had been swimming in the ocean. And that's a little taste of how Previously by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingman is told, except it's all about your favorite fairy tale characters and it's funny.

The Prince was a sorrowful young man. Previously a wicked fairy had put a spell on him. Previously he had been a cheerful young man, eating his dinner from golden plates and traveling his kingdom in a milk-white Mercedes. Previously he had fallen in love with a disappearing girl named ... (turn the page and guess who?)

The girls and I like to examine Bruce Ingman's brightly painted illustrations. They're so much fun to point at and talk about. This picture book duo has teamed up on another favorite, The Runaway Dinner.
Here is a link to a good review of Runaway Dinner.

Enjoy! Oh and you must check out Bruce Ingman's site!


  1. I have these two at home and they are so great! The girls love to see the walking food running away. I still have to explore Previously. We also love the Jolly Postman by the same author. Hugs,

  2. Yes Maria these are keepers- the girls can have fun reading these in a few more years : )


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