Friday, May 2, 2008

Makebelieve, Magic and Wonder

Two books that I read to my kids this week are filled with elves, unicorns and fairies.....complete child appeal for those very active imaginations.

Nell's Elf by Jane Cowen-Fletcher is perfectly illustrated and brilliantly laid out. As soon as I opened the book I found myself greeted by a giant mushroom of a red page with white polkadots all over! It's a story about a little girl, Nell, who is bored and lonely on a rainy day so she decides to create the perfect friend. She draws a little elf and he jumps to life. Soon she draws more elves and fairies and throws an elf party. On the last page, the author encourages every reader to "pick up a pencil or crayon and draw out the elves hiding inside of you and you will never, ever be bored." Words of Wisdom for us all!

Unicorn Races by Stephen J. Brooks came to me in the mail from Purple Sky Publishing ( one of the Few wonderful indie publishing companies of picture books for children).

This is a completely Unique picture book that definitely captured my child's attention. The cover of this book is puffy and soft...(upholstered) and the title is shimmery silver, rainbow glitter! It is brilliantly illustrated by Linda Crocket (multiple award winning artist of several picture books). The story of Abigail, a little girl in a shimmery purple fantasy world who rides off in the night on her trusty noble unicorn, Lord William. She is a princess attending a royal feast celebration prepared by elves and fairies and she takes her place at the royal throne to officially start the magical unicorn race. The perfect bedtime story for a little princess. It ends with whispers on the wind and the image of a little girl still wearing her crown, asleep with a smile on her face........ "Good night my princess...good night."

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