Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Train To Spain

When our son was 2, we bought him this book at a thrift store(note: the price still on the left corner!) along with a bag of small toys to keep him busy on the airplane trip to California. He has been wild about trains since birth, and now at age 5 this book is still one of his alltime favorites.

Published in 1963, A Train To Spain by Wade Ray is no longer in print but there are still a few copies to be found on Amazon. It tells the story of villagers from a small town in the south of France who are invited to a Fiesta in Spain. Unfortunately, the mayor tells the people that they cannot attend because there is no way to get there. "Nonsense! said the engineer who lived in town." "We will build a train to Spain." "No, no, no, said the mayor, We don't know how." "I will show you how to build a train said the engineer."

Together, the people make many tracks and build a train. They overcome obstacles along the way, trees to be cut, a bridge to be built across a river and a tunnel dug through the mountains. At last they arrive at the fiesta in Spain where they all had fun. The mayor thanks the people from Spain and tells them they will be back next year. "Nonsense! said the engineer" "We will be back next week!"

Here is a cute little Smokestack Lightnin' train video clip from our friend Ike(Aiku) in NY. He is 3, also a train lover and so talented.

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