Monday, March 31, 2008

A Hungarian Folk Tale

Long Ago in a far off kingdom an enormous tree grows, it's top hidden in the clouds. It is sooo tall that nobody has ever been able to climb to the top. Rosa's stepmother and stepsister, Irma are very mean to her. They make her sleep out on the roof and and call her a monkey because she can climb anything.....from drainpipes to trees. So when the King announces that whoever brings down seeds from the top of the tree will marry his son, Rosa rises to the challenge. Irma grabs on to Rosa and follows her up the tree and when Rosa picks the seed pod at the top, Irma snatches it! Rosa falls out of the tree, lands on the prince and seeds fly out of her long hair. In the End, she marries the Prince and Irma is still stuck up in the tree! Shelly Fowles is the author and illustrator of this funny adaptation of a traditional Hungarian folktale. She is originally from South Africa and has studied Graphic design in England where she now resides. I chose this book today because of it's wonderful cover and perfect title, Climbing Rosa. Not only is it fun to read but the illustrations are so enchanting, whimsical, and full of vibrant, moving color.

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