Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shoe Baby

My baby will not wear shoes. It can be 20 degrees outside and she will pull them off along with her socks and winter hat. She owns six pairs of shoes which is still not enough. I am constantly searching for that lost mate .... under the sofa, in the car and backtracking through the grocery aisles. I love shoes and am always shopping. I found this cute handmade pair of Poppy MaryJanes on etsy. Wonder how long they will stay on?!
Shoe Baby is a picture book by Joyce Dunbar (the author of more than 70 books!), illustrated by her daughter Polly Dunbar. On the back dust cover Joyce tells how it took 6 years for her to finish this story written especially for her daughter. She was stuck halfway through and then "One gray day in November, the rest of it just plopped onto the page. It had been there all this time." A great book "cannot be forced."
I picked up this one (the title struck close to home!) and immediately fell for it. It's a sweet rhyming, rhythmic story about a baby who hid in a shoe. A super fun read especially for those sleepyheads aged 4 and under and the illustration/collage is amazing, colorful and modern.
In the story the baby falls asleep in the shoe "so dozy, cozy, so tickety-boo!" ......tickety-boo?!!! This is so non-sensical, silly, imaginative and wonderful. It definately gets 5 stars!

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