Sunday, March 23, 2008

Precious Water

It has been a busy holiday weekend! I did some late night blog reading and found a link for bzzzpeek over at educating alice. What is bzzzpeek? Have you ever talked with someone from another country and found out their roosters crow or dogs bark differently? Well this site is a database with sound. People from all over the world can record and upload how their cats meow or cows moo.

And here is an awesome resource. Anastasia Suen, author, teacher and consultant of children's literature, has compiled an amazing database of children's and YA book reviewers in the blogosphere. Here it is and definitely bookmark this page!

I was going to review a bunny book but I changed my mind- enough chicks and bunnies for the weekend. Precious Water A Book of Thanks by Brigitte Weninger and illustrated by Anne Moller has a rather profound message for few words. Looking at a glass of clear, clean water a little girl tells us how water drops are precious like jewels, and that "The whole world would be dead if there were no water." She shows the changing forms of water like snow and rain and tells us where water can be found: the sky, ocean, beneath the ground. "I give my cat a little water so she won't be thirsty. And I drink some water too. How good it tastes!"

"I hope we will always have enough water for the plants and animals and people on earth. I am so thankful for this precious water." It's ecology and gratitude in a pretty picture book. The illustrations are painted with torn paper collage. If you would like to find other picture books with the theme of gratitude, here is a link. I am grateful for many things but at this moment I am grateful for quiet, and rest.

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