Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chocolate Bunnies

Bing ......reminds me of all the chocolate bunnies I've been eating. Thank you family, friends and neighbors for all the great Easter baskets! Yes! Now it's officially Spring.

If you don't know this series of Bing books by Ted Dewan, Bing and Flop are characters that interact together like a toddler (Bing) and a parent(Flop).

They are bright and colorful as well as easy and fun to read.... over and over again. The Bing series are: Bedtime, Get Dressed, Go Picnic, Paint Day and my favorite, Make Music. It's a short story about Bing and Flop making music with instruments found at home...... a rice tub, spoon and pan, keys, paper towel tube, bell and radio. Of course Bing gets a little wild with his banging and accidentally breaks the cute little radio who wears a frown and cracked head. The two then mend him with scotch tape and everyone is happy and smiling again.

Author Ted Dewan is an American high school physics teacher/ electronic musician from Boston who moved to London. He started illustrating in 1988 mostly for newspapers and then in the 90's for children's books. He has created musical soundtracks for most of his books and he's also involved in creating works from discards for the community he lives in, like a bicycle tree and a painted car. You must visit his website for more!

Oh, and by the way Ingeborg's makes the BEST chocolate bunnies ever!

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