Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Calef Brown

Calef Brown is the illustrator and poet of Flamingos on the Roof a 65 page anthology of goofy read-aloud poetry and fantastic art. His self-portait includes an elephant nose. Goofy is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an NPR review and podcast of Flamingos on the Roof with Daniel Pinkwater and Scott Simon.

Published in 2006, this book just made the New York Times Bestsellers List for Picture Books in February 2008. And here are some great reviews.
Parents' Choice
Poetry for Children
Seven Impossible Things

If you love Calef Brown's art like I do, you can find original pieces from Flamingos and his other poetry collections for sale at Storyopolis. Now....if only I had a million dollars...

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