Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grandma Caroline

The painting is by my 103 year-old Grandmother Caroline who passed away almost 2 years ago. Kim and I are starting to catalog her work into a photo book for our next family reunion. She was an amazing woman who raised six children as a single mom on a teacher's salary, with the use of only one arm during WWII. She had Polio as a child and painted holding the brush in her right hand and used her left arm to prop up and move her right arm. I love this painting- Thanks Aunt Charline.

The workers in the field remind me of a grassroots meeting in town I went to with the girls. We watched a screening of a film by Two Angry Moms. Well my little one fell asleep, but the meeting was about what the schools serve kids for lunch and how we parents and teachers can organize to oust the vending machine junk food and provide healthy meals with a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables then they currently get. Here is a little clip from the film.


  1. Interesting! The life of your Grandma seems like a very good book. Have you ever thought about writing it? Love, Maria.

  2. I know Maria, I should get a tape recorder out at the reunion for everyone to tell stories. We have a geneology book about the Ransom Family, but it doesn't include the really interesting stories about her life.

  3. Wow Nancy! I have NEVER seen this work of Grandma's before. It is amazing and I can't wait to see more. I'm soo glad we had the shared vision to bring her art out from all its hiding places. I really want our children and their children to see and be inspired by we are! Such a strong and powerful Woman.


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