Monday, April 28, 2008

Native Grasses

My little ones have been cranky with coughs and runny noses. I woke up with a scratchy throat but I usually override the minor symptoms with ginger tea and honey and coffee. *Not in the same mouthful.

About a year ago I grew some native grasses from seed. (I love the way the grasses look blowing in the strong coastal winds.) They're easy to grow and now I've been pulling them out in clumps and replanting them in the back and giving them away to neighbors.

I found a great little kid's gardening book at a yard sale some years ago by Klutz Press. It's really useful for the novice gardener not just for kids, and there is a lot of information on vegetable gardening. If there is an unplanted bank or area in your yard where you want to plant grasses get your kids involved there's no way to mess up. It's fun to watch those little tufts of grass come up everywhere.


  1. HA! We're all sick with coughs and runny noses too. I discovered a grass that blooms in early summer with beautiful red and gold plumes called a Red Hot Poker. It's my favorite and all my neighbors now have some too. I'm not sure if it will grow on the West Coast but You must try it!Maybe I'll bring some to you when I visit....or will I get stopped in the airport?!!!

  2. I'll check out if it grows here. You might have a hard time getting plants into the state. I had to throw out a banana once. I look forward to your summer visit!


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