Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who wants a puppy?

The March-April Issue of The Edge of the Forest is up with reviews of four picture books and much more. ***********A little Quiz: Who is Chico bon bon?

The timing couldn't be better for the release of The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! by Mo Willems because everyday I hear, "Mom I really, really want a dog. When can I have a dog?" My daughter has about 6 stuffed dogs one of which I recently sent to the "dog groomer" with my husband on his way to work because I put him in the dryer and his fluffy Silky fur looked like sheep's wool when he was done tumbling. (A warning to anyone who thinks all stuffed animals should be laundry machine compatible) Luckily Blackywhity had a brother.

Here is a quick review of Mo's new book. And if only that pigeon were right and puppies only needed plenty of sunshine and water once a month, I'd be a puppy lovin' mama!

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  1. you are funny! i love the silky maltese link!


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