Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thinking Mother Pickle

Todays post is a mish mash of streaming thoughts and a few resources. First is the literary magazine for "thinking mothers" titled, Brain Child. I've given up on some parenting magazines because I don't need to flip through all those advertisements to find a useful article that isn't about the horrors of accidental choking or some neurological chemical found in teddy bear stuffing. Two mainstream parenting magizines I do enjoy however, are Kiwi and Wondertime with Wondertime being the most commercial and Brain Child the least.

For information on the go, I like the format of podcast pickle. Downloading to my phone is new territory for me, but I plan to experiment this weekend and get those Just One More Book podcasts ready for listening to on a trail hike or long car ride. I'll let you know how that works out. And maybe you have some tips for me.

Here is an controversial post for us bloggers. Now keep in mind it is not specific to kid's lit and from the UK, but it does bring up issues to mull over, for a minute.

Book Bloggers: The Saviour of Small Publishers? The End of Decent Criticism? Or Unpaid Cheerleaders?

And lastly, I watched Michael Moore's, Sicko, last night. Despite what you make think of his politics or movie-making, he really brings to light the holes in the American health-care system.
So, I've been thinking too much this morning and it's time for a nice hot shower, fresh air and music!

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