Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post on Mommy Blogs

This is a late night post which happens when I drink coffee after 4:00 pm or have money anxiety.

I've strayed from reading my usual kid lit bloggers tonight and ventured into mommy blogs.

Ask Moxie.org is a parenting advice blog and I plan to search the archives to find out how to manage the place between military general and pushover mom with my two and a half-year-old. What I need is a bullhorn that I can use from my bedroom at 6:00 am when I hear chairs being pushed around. Then I could say, Away From the Counter, Away From the Counter. Really monotone, so I wouldn't actually be yelling. I don't like to start the day yelling before coffee.

And then there's Her Bad Mother. This blog reminds me just how prudish I really am.

Here's a popular blog, coolmompicks. Oh I can get lost in this blog full of cool kids stuff and more to desire, but not late at night with money anxiety. So tomorrow I'll settle back into my comfortable spot on the web reading and talking about picture books, alas without the bullhorn.

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  1. Thanks for these blogs. I mentioned one of them on mine too. I hope you don't mind, but you said once you don't, so...
    I'm also so prudish, so the tone of the second blog is too loud for me... I liked to read it, but I could never write like that. Cheers, Maria.


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