Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pat the Bunny or Not

Now they've gone too far. I'm mostly OK with children's book characters animated on PBS Kids or Nick Jr. There are Curious George, Max and Ruby, and Charlie and Lola to name a few. But a DVD of Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt? Aren't we losing the integrity of a classic Touch and Feel concept book?

Genius Entertainment has produced a Baby Einstein style version of Pat the Bunny set for release March 4th. I just have to throw up my arms and gripe here. I'm partly guilty I suppose by setting my baby in the saucer in front of a Baby Einstein video so I could take a shower, but Pat the Bunny? I'm starting to rethink the playpen filled with soft toys. They're pitching the DVD as "interactive play ideas for children 6-36 months. . . .Now you can make the most important playdate of all- the one with you!" How much creative, fun, interactive play does a one-year-old want? Aren't silly faces, goofy sounds, cuddling and Pat the Bunny THE BOOK enough?

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