Friday, February 8, 2008

Evie, Ivie, Over

Bluebells, cockleshells,
Evie, ivie, over,
Mother's in the kitchen
Doing a bit of stitching,
Baby's in the cradle
Playing with a rattle,
A rickety stick, a walking stick,
One, two, three.

These Nursery rhymes are from Here Comes Mother Goose edited by Iona Opie and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. This book is well worth having in your collection. Did you know there was a Mother Goose Society? I did not know that. The hedgehog is for the cute effect.

Down in the valley where the green grass grows,
There's a pretty maiden she grows like a rose;
She grows, she grows, she grows so sweet,
She sings for her true love across the street.
Tommy, Tommy will you marry me?
Yes, love, yes, love, at half past three.
Ice cakes, spice cakes, all for tea,
We'll have our wedding at half past three.


  1. We love this book! We bought it for $0.75 at a library sale. What a lucky find!

  2. Definitely! Library sales are great.I found some out of print John Burningham books once- have to get there early though.


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