Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Obsessive Consumption

I just realized that I am always shopping. I buy something every day. It might be groceries or a book online, but I am Always shopping. Lately I've been shopping on etsy. Etsy is one of my favoite sites because I get so much inspiration from all the original hand made items. I was looking for self- published childrens books and unfortunately there are only 3 listed. Two of the books listed were Mister Toast books.

I don't have a Mister Toast book but my son has a Mister Toast plush toy that he sleeps with every night........(and he loves to party with Peter Rabbit while my son is asleep because we always find those two in odd places by morning!) Hmmm ....I think I Must have The Adventures of Mister Toast by Dan Goodsell!

My greatest discovery is the hand made zine "What did you buy Today?" by Kate Consumption. A 1 year subscription is $48.00 and it's full of awesome illustrations of all of Kate's daily purchases. I think its purpose is to make us feel less self conscious about how we shop to fill the void! I definitely need to get a subscription for my birthday....hint hint

As I was scrolling through the etsy items I also came across this mini book (Another Must have that I saved in my Favorites) Adventures of the Cloudpeople by Ruth Bleakley. She makes the most amazing doll-sized mini books, hand bound and hand painted.

There are so many truly creative authors and artists in this world and it always inspires me to see those who do.

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