Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jamie Sings

Last night I was reading some of my favorite blogs. Jules Interview with Sara Lewis Holmes was ab fab. Really, I was listening to the podcast of Sara reading her poetry and thinking about some of the people that inspire her. Then I thought, what if God created a composite man- one that had the musical talent of Lyle Lovett, the good looks and seductive qualities of Johnny Depp and (here's one Sarah didn't mention) the culinary skill of Jamie Oliver the Naked Chef? There's a man I'd like to meet. But what if it got all mixed up- like he looked like Lyle Lovett, cooked like Johnny Depp and sang like Jamie Oliver? Oh never mind......

My daughters loved Mary and the Mouse The Mouse and Mary by Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock, as did I. I'm a sucker for stories that span a generation. Here is another recommendation. Anamaria at Books Together has a review and Eisha & Jules also reviewed it in a 7-imps picture book feature. I'm sure it's been reviewed on other blogs but I didn't locate the posts immediately, so please leave a link in the comments if you have reviewed it. So I'm turning the pages before bedtime, and as Mary grows up she moves into a house of her own and there's a large illustration of a mid-century modern home. Ok I subscribe to Atomic Ranch. We have a '70s ranch but it's nothing like those full color spreads in Atomic ranch I lust over. Now I have to have this book in my collection because I'm just borrowing it from the library. If I put that book under my pillow do you think that house would materialize sooner? Or maybe I'll dream about talking mice?????


  1. I wrote a post about Mary and the Mouse a while back (I think it was my second post ever). I mentioned the two double page spreads of the houses, too--except we live in one that looks remarkably like the Colonial, not the ranch! The illustrations make the book for me; I thought the story was a little slight. I love anything Barbara McClintock does, though. Here's the link to my post:

  2. Thanks Anamaria. I put a link in the body of the post. Cinderella is a winner too : )

  3. Thanks, Nancy! That is our favorite Cinderella (and goodness knows there are many).

  4. Fun post! I liked the combination of cook, musician and actor. i was actually trying to compose that imege in my head... Hilarious! Love, Maria.


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