Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Girl on Tour

I adore blogs because a simple idea can reach globally, create solidarity and inspire humanitarian endeavors. For example, The Girl in the Cafe, not the movie but the blog (weblog) There's a pretty good review of the film here if you haven't seen it. I was talking about this movie for days, so get on the tour if you haven't seen it.

"The Girl lives in London with a pirate, she is a wannabe film maker and screen writer with a Lawless Heart and a Bill Nighy addiction." -so says the self-described author. When I feel that travel-lust escapist fantasy coming on, I read through this site, click around the photos, I am woooshed away and return in a much better place.

I adore bloggers because they're so dang funny. Check out this post at 15 Minute Lunch. Look at that childhood artwork! We have some up on the fridge right now, but I'll never talk about it in the same way again after reading that post.

I adore blogging because I can pull a book off my shelf and share it with the world. Kid Size The Material World of Childhood is actually an exhibition catalogue of current and historical photographs. The catalogue discusses the changing traditions and assumptions about the objects (toys, furniture, utensils, playgrounds....) and requirements for a child's spiritual and physical development. It states that our relationship to the world builds up from childhood, through cultural experience, comparisons and realizations. Here are a few captions: Children at play reconstruct a firing squad in Palermo Italy 1960, A mother has turned the undercarriage of her snack-cart into a sleeping place for her baby, Peru 1964, Municipal kindergarten in Munich, 1928, or Small hands on tokyo: urban icons in contemporary Japan. The 1997 exhibition toured Europe, but I pull this book out from time to time and thumb through it over coffee.

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