Monday, January 14, 2008

Early Reader

My son Donovan is 4 years old, well .... almost 5 and he has started to read books on his own. Last week I went to pick him up from pre-school and his teacher informed me that he can read and sound out both long and short vowels.

I knew that he was trying to write words and sound them out but I didn't really know that he could read! So off we went to the library to pick out some exciting new books. His first choice : Skateboard Monsters by Daniel Kirk. An eye catcher with bright vivid illustrations of silly monsters.....not scary monsters, these are all friends. We have actually checked this book out more than once and everyone in our family has a favorite monster. Mine is Butch, my son's is Spike, my husband's is Corkscrew and his little sister's is Tilly (because she's the girl monster).

Daniel Kirk's illustrations are very pop and remind me of 80's pop artist Kenny Scharf (whose art I love) crossed with children's book illustrator David Kirk of Miss Spider fame. Hey, I wonder if Daniel Kirk is related to David Kirk...or is it just coincidence?

The book is almost lyrical with very cool rhyming words. It's lots of fun to read, perfect for 4 year old boys. And Yes! My son can read it, although I do wonder if he doesn't already have it memorized!

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