Friday, July 3, 2009

For Pizza Lovers

Tony and the Pizza Champions is a picture book that was just released this year,2009. It was written by the famous nine-time world winning pizza champion himself, Tony Gemignani.

It's a fun book for kids of all ages based on the true story of Tony and his team's travel to Italy to compete in an international pizza tossing competition. It also includes Tony's famous pizza recipe and dough tossing instructions (which we haven't tried yet).

Matthew Trueman who was raised in Italy and is now living in New Jersey, did a Primo job with his colorful illustrations, capturing the humor of it all.

Tony and his brother Frank own Pyzano's Pizza in Northern California and just opened up a new place: Napoletana and pizza school in North Beach, San Francisco. We'll have to stop by for an autograph and a slice when we visit Nancy.

Because I can't talk about our family trip to New York without mentioning pizza! Here I am, round as a tomato (due any day) enjoying a slice at Stromboli's with the kids. While the sauce here is on the sweet side, it's perfect for the kids' first taste of New York and it's in my old East Village neighborhood which brings me back to many a good time.

By the way, the hottest new pizza joint in NYC is Artichoke Pizza on 14th street, so if you're on the east coast, be sure to get a slice!

Now here's the Amazing Tony:


  1. We'll have to visit North Beach for pizza and espresso : ) Have you ever tried to spin pizza dough?

  2. I love North Beach (another old stomping ground)...remember I used to work at that deli? We MUST visit City Lights Books too!!
    We haven't tried the dough recipe or spinning instructions from the book yet. D can't wait :0


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