Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coastside Books, Linden Tree,TTMD and Baby!!!

As I've been busy with Coastside Books- Hey I got an article in the Half Moon Bay Review this week! I also read that another local independent bookstore, Linden Tree is looking for a new owner. The couple who started the store are planning retirement after 25 years in business and I do hope the community will rally to find a buyer to step-up and keep the doors open to this valuable resource.

Many of you many have read Through the Magic Door's, Charles Bayless' opinions on the kidlit listserv following the blogger/publisher relationship thread. I particularly liked TTMD's slide-show presentation on Building a Reading Culture which I've embedded below. Bayless notes that 50% of the population elects not to read anything other than what is necessary for their jobs or to function in society. Are we as a society that distracted? Is it consumer culture that is robbing us of time to read and reflect? Beethoven said that music was the medium between the spiritual and sensual worlds. I think that is also true for art and literature. And where besides the majesty of nature is your favorite place for discovery?

As I've been writing this post, I just got a call that Kim had her baby! It's grandmother Caroline's birthday too! Congratulations Kim and Steve! We can't wait to meet him!!!!


  1. I enjoyed the Half Moon Bay article, Nancy. Congratulations on the new store! And on Kim's new baby. Quite a time of celebration for Bees Knees Reads!

  2. Hi, Nancy! Both great news! I just checked your blog and learned that you bought a bookstore.Uau! We have to visit and check it out when in California,

  3. It was great meeting you on Friday at the BBQ! I had no idea that Linden Tree was looking for a new owner as well - they are one of the places I get my free book posters from! I can't wait to come into Coastside and do some book shopping!

  4. It was great meeting you too- liked your page in the HMB magazine education issue! Last I heard Linden Tree will close in December if they don't find the right person to take it over : ( I'll see you soon and look out for good book posters!


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