Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coastside Books and Lafayette Library

I've always been a DIYer and when a good bookstore in our little town closed and another went up for sale, we pulled together all our resources and some future resources and decided to buy and run the store. So now I'm in the midst of owning a store and all that entails, promoting Maybelle, Bunny of the North which released April 1st and publishing Marjolein Varekamp's book, A Wonderful Week, which releases October 1st. Yeah it's a busy season in my life.

Coastside Books has been in Half Moon Bay for 30 years and we will be the third owners. Our oldest daughter will start kindergarten in the fall and our little one has one more year of preschool, so I'm jumping back into full-time work in September. Is it a bit risky? Probably, but life is short, the children are growing quickly. Soon enough there will be college to pay for and I don't need to be telling stories about the missed opportunities of my youthful days when I'm 80- God willing I'll ever be 80. Plus the bookstore business will dovetail nicely with our fledgling publishing projects and it all makes me happy and grateful.

Kim is also in the middle of big changes. Here she is, almost ready to deliver their third child in July and reading Maybelle, Bunny of the North to a group of children at the Layfayette Library's Storytime. I love that the book is available for circulation in libraries and Keith Patterson's endearing illustrations are reaching a wider audience. Kim and her family are moving to California a month after the baby is born. And she is working on illustrations for a book of stories that we plan to release in the spring. I'm not the only one juggling here : ))

Because of this juggling I'm behind on letting you all know about these links to Maybelle Reviews from fellow kidslit bloggers and a post at the Two Sister's Bakery in Homer, Alaska! Enjoy the weekend!!!

Menasha Library

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(By the wonderful children's writer, and also very busy, Lori Calabrese)

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  1. The Lafayette Library reading was a Big Success! I had an audience of 25-30 attentive pre-schoolers and they all LOVE Maybelle. I'm sure it will get read a lot :)

  2. Attentive pre-schoolers!!!
    Did you check out those luscious breads and cakes at the Two Sisters site??

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm the Orange/Rhubarb Custard Bar is my fave!
    Thank you Carri (from 2 Sisters Bakery) for the nice email. We're so glad to hear that the Maybelle books are a popular item at your bakery :)
    We'd love to come visit you someday.

  4. Good luck with your store! Wow--to have all those books at your fingertips will be wonderful. I love it when book people own bookshops! ;) I bet it will do well!

  5. Thanks Lindsay, I'll have to catch up with reading more adult fiction, but the funny thing is that the children's section sells the best in the store : ) I'm really excited about it.


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