Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Moomins Take Over NYC

Our Trip to New York was Fabulous and I must report several Moomin sightings all over town. I've always found NYC to be way ahead with the trends and the book stores and toy stores must be well aware from PW that the Moomin books by Tove Jansson are being re-released for their 65th anniversary next year (by Square Fish, the Macmillan imprint) with new cover art by Taeeun Yoo. There will also be some new Pre-school Moomin books! I haven't read all of the original books and I can't wait to have them in our collection.

The Moomins were very popular throughout Europe and Japan in the 60's and 70's but their popularity didn't reach America. Our last night in the city was spent with a friend who grew up in Japan and I got to sleep on a Moomins pillow case! She told me that the Moomins are very big in Japan right now and that's where much of the adorable product spoons, bowls, plush dolls and candies are made these days.


  1. I see why these gentle characters are so charming for little ones with their rounded soft curves. I haven't seen them in the stores here as much yet but I'm sure now that I'm paying attention I will. I also love how the publising companies are re-releasing older goodies.

  2. Now for those Barbapapas to make a comeback.......
    I want a Barbalala pillow case!

  3. Oooops! I spoke too soon. I just found a Barbapapas comforter set with pillow here:

  4. I don't know you, so I feel strange commenting on your blog, but I was just doing a general search for Moomins and this post came up. This is the eeriest coincidence! Just last Monday (June 22nd) we had house guests from Finland and they brought a Moomins pillowcase for our sons! It wasn't the same as yours, but still! We'd never heard of them before but quickly checked out all of the Moomins books from our local library. We've already stayed up way too late reading the first volume of stories and can't wait for more!

  5. Thank you E for having the courage to comment. This proves that it's not my imagination.....the Moomins are really taking over! I really wish our libraries in Hampton Roads, VA had some Moomins books for us to check out. It looks like I'll be ordering one online. Does anyone have a favorite? There are so many to choose from....


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