Friday, July 4, 2008

Surf's Up for Kimo

Yeesh! I didn't intend for this lengthy blog hiatus, but with back to back guests before and after the trip to LA ... well, I'm back now. Aside from the family reunion and Disneyland, Kim and I did make it to the ALA conference exhibits! We'll have a post on that and some of the terrific books we read next week.

I found a signed copy of Surf's Up for Kimo by Kerry Germain with illustrations by Keoni Montes on the dining table last night when we returned. It was a gift from a relative who spent a few days in Hawaii and then house sat while we were out. Tonight I read it to my tired girls and they were thoroughly engaged in this book. The vibrant illustrations and story about a five-year-old boy who is learning to surf from his older brothers was the only ONE book I read before tuck in. It helped that the pages are bordered with illustrations of Hawaiian foliage and includes a glossary explaining the many uses of a variety of regional flora. You can read more about Kerry Germain and preview her books at The two follow up books released by Island Paradise Publishing are Kimo's Summer Vacation and Kimo's Surfing Lesson. Aloha and Happy July 4th!


  1. Aloha Nancy,
    Summer went whirling by and now it's fall...
    Every once in a while I surf the net to see if anything new has come up on our books and was happy to find your blog. I'm so glad your girls enjoyed Surf's Up For Kimo and hope they will have a chance to read the other two stories. Perhaps it will spark some interest in Hawaii and maybe even a trip over sometime.
    Kerry Germain

  2. Mahalo to you Kerry for writing about Kimo and the Island! We love Hawaii. The girls haven't been yet, but it sounds so wonderful right now that it's cold here in Nor Cal. We look forward to reading your other books and rereading Surf's Up for Kimo : )


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