Wednesday, July 23, 2008

M is for Mischief

Tonight I was reminded, yet another night, why so many picture books end with the characters going to sleep. We read Go to Bed, Monster! twice and at least six more books before tuck in BUT here comes segundo, Miss- I Never Get Tired, Charlie!, out of bed. I had to tell her, after another last, last book, that her bed was the safest place in the house from bears. Somehow that worked for tonight.

I was hoping to get started on this post earlier as M is for Mischief An A to Z of Naughty Children by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter (whose digital collage illustrations I recognized immediately from the wonderful, 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore) has been patiently waiting for me to write about it.

This is not your ordinary ABC book of childhood verse. No, this is a hilarious read-aloud written in rhyme with a ton of alliteration and word play. Each of the 26 naughty children's names corresponds to a letter. My favorite is Doodling Daphne, or is it Experimenting Xavier, or Untidy Ursula, or Offensive Oscar? There is even a disclaimer on the front cover, "WARNING This book contains obnoxious children. Read at your own risk!" Linda Ashman's website includes a terrific page on teaching ideas for this book. Isn't it interesting that two of my daughter's favorite books, No, David! and When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry are on the list of A Few More Books with Naughty Children? Books help us learn a little more about ourselves, even when you're only three. I like to keep this book handy when I need a pick-me-up good belly laugh. This one is really worth giving to your friend with a Nagging Nora, a Zany Zelda, a Mischievous Martin or ...

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  1. ...or Chaotic Calli and Defiant Donnie?!!! What a Great book!


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