Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes, I read picture books to my children. But sometimes I savor them alone. Pink by Nan Gregory and illustrated by Luc Melanson is such a book. Written by a master storyteller in poetic language, Pink is about a little girl named Vivi who lives in a big brown building and she wants so much to be perfect pink like her classmates. "Vivi imagines where the Pinks live- in houses,
pink inside like shells, their dads home every night."

This story is about wanting, about having and not having, about family and what perfect pink really means. Vivi's truck-driving, harmonica-playing father has a central influence on Vivi's development. "Vivi flops down beside her dad to catch her breath. He knocks the spit out of his harmonica and gives her a little grin. She leans against him and watches the neighborhood rock back to level."

And I don't want to forget Vivi's mom! She thought up a pink day with raspberry jam sandwiches, cranberry tea, petits fours with pink icing, cherry blossom trees, baby mice ears (not to eat) and Vivi's baby blanket to spread out for their "pinkanic."

Together Nan Gregory and Luc Melanson have created a picture book that is bold, colorful, and delivers a poignant message for children and adults alike. You can read another review of Pink over at pixie stix kids pix. I also have yet to read Nan Gregory's other picture book, Amber Waiting, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton which was published in 2003. Please let me know if any bloggers out there in the kidlitosphere have reviewed it.


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