Friday, July 11, 2008

Singing to the Sun

When I first flipped through this book, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical, unsure if I could get into the strange boho/hippie-esque art style (as an artist I can sometimes be way too critical). Now that I have actually sat down and read this book to my son on his insistance 4x over in the last 2 days, I see how the story and art become mystically entwined and this book has definately melted and won my heart. Thank you again Sondra at Kane/Miller for this wonderful book!

Singing to the Sun by Vivian French is like no other fairy tale as the ending is completely unexpected and profound. It is a wonderful story and lesson for children to see that the king's power and the queen's riches mean nothing to a child if there is no love and happiness in life. The ending twist is a positive one, where the jester(not the prince) wins the princesse's love, sending the lead character, Prince Thorfin out into the world to live, learn and seek his own love and happiness.

My favorite Jackie Morris image in this book is of the jester gently cupping the 3 princesses in the palm of his hand like a soft cloud . Jackie is definately a master of watercolor as she uses a rainbow of colors in her shading......not your typical grays. I also love her wolves, they are amazing!

My son always asks about the jester's cap and so I found this adorable hand made one that I plan to get him for the cooler weather days as he will start kindergarten in the fall.


  1. Thank you so much for your review ... it means a lot, and I'm very grateful. By the way, I LOVE the knitted jester's hat!

    Vivian French (author of Singing to the Sun

  2. Well now, I have been called some things in my life, but never boho-hippie-esque!
    Whatever, thanks for this lovely review. The story is a very special one. I grew to really hate Thorfinn's parents as I worked on the book. They have no redeeming features.
    Viv is a wonderful writer and this story comes from a collection, also called Singing to the Sun, with lots of fantastic tales.
    And for more of the boho-hippie look, I think your son might like Can You See a Little Bear, written for me by James Mayhew, with a tabby cat on one page that your son might recognize. You may think it is too young for him, but there is lots in the pictures to spark up the imagination.
    love to you both, and thanks again, from Jackie, with help from my feline friends.

  3. Wow!!! Jackie and Vivian! Thank you both for a truly amazing book!

    I'll definitely look for the other tales in Singing to the Sun and for the book Can You See a Little Bear. BTW- Jackie the photos on your blog are beautiful. I loved seeing your studio and the countryside. And Vivian, I'm a big fan of your writing. Thank you!

  4. Hi Vivian! Yes, etsy(one of my fav. sites that I spend way too much time browsing on) is the source for the sweetest knitted hats. By the way, your book is STILL on my son's dresser next to his bed as he sleeps! It is definately one of his all-time-favorites. Now I MUST get my hands on your collection of tales.
    and Jackie....
    Your art is TRULY
    gorgeous,amazing, unique and inspiring. I also LOVE your blog and will definately get a copy of Can You see A Little Bear for my son and I. I am so thankful that you both responded. Thank you again,

  5. Thank you, although it's not my son in the photo, but his hair is beautiful!
    He is the model for my favorite knitter who sells her wares online at


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