Tuesday, September 9, 2008

October's Slidy Diner

My copy of Wondertime magazine came in the mail a few days ago and I've finally opened it. Of course it's the October issue with all the Halloween ideas. . . But I'm not quite through with Back-to-school just yet! Summer is slipping quickly into fall with the equinox arriving on September 22nd.

I'm not really complaining though because fall is absolutely my most favorite time of year. It's something about the changing sunlight and warm hues of crunchy leaves. The reason I mention Wondertime besides it being the October issue is because Inside the Slidy Diner by Laurel Snyder with illustrations by Jaime Zollars is listed as one of their not-so-scary storybook picks.

Kim and I had the chance to read it at the Tricycle Press Booth at ALA this summer, and we agreed it was like a bad dream, but in a good way. Edie, the little girl inside the Slidy Diner, invites a friend in through the glass door to share in all the weirdness, gross and yucky stuff, as my kids would say, that exists there. (Where's mom when you really need her?) No mom in that diner, only Ethelmae and she's hilariously scary. I remember one part in the book about the waitresses looking good and then they're really all saggy and mean. It reminded me of the haunted house in Disneyland when you go into the hallway and the lovely fair maiden turns into a hideous hag right before your eyes. Jaime Zollars' acrylic paintings are amazing and you can see more art on her site here. This book is a fine pairing of talent and I have to agree with the Wondertime editor that it makes a super not-so-scary Halloween read. BTW one of the other books recommended is Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex who was recently interviewed over at Seven Impossible Things. And here is their interview with Jaime Zollars. Those ladies really cover the good stuff : )

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