Thursday, September 25, 2008

2008 Kidlit Blog Convention

This week-end I'm hittin' the road and traveling out west to meet up with Nancy in Portland, Oregon for the 2008 Kidlit Blog Convention! Yippee!!!!

Ike's back......and now he's 4. (previously featured in my May 25th blog)
This little guy really knows how to Rock!


  1. I can't wait! We'll miss the Friday night gathering at Powell's and the Brewery but we'll have some time downtown on Sunday. Ike is amazing for a little tyke. Had to say that... Ike and tyke : )

  2. I know we'll definitely be going to Powell's anyhow and I made a list of some other places we should try to go to. Saturday there'll be lots of helpful lectures that we can sit in at the Sheraton. It will be great!!!!
    I know, I told Ike's Mom and Dad to enter him in the Oprah's amazing kids contest. Maybe he'll get a recording contract at age 4! This kid doesn't miss a beat.


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