Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

Hurricane Hanna hasn't even touched down on the east coast of South Carolina and we are already experiencing heavy rainstorms here in Virginia. A stormy week-end is in the forecast with Ike to follow through mid week. Yes, it's officially hurricane season on the east coast and in the gulf, which calls for lots and lots......... and lots of rain.

Who Likes Rain? by Wong Herbert Yee makes for perfect rainy day reading. The illustrations are color-pencil soft and sweet and the hardcover 6x8 size is just right for little hands to hold. The words are lyrical and rhyming and it makes for fun guessing-game reading too : "When it rains, who's the first to scat? I know! Do you? Mew, Mew...." (turn the page) "It's the cat!"

Click on Mr. Yee's Website to watch the cute little woodsy intro and when you enter through the illuminated notebook you can see all of the many books he has written and illustrated. His art portfolio is diverse and I can also tell from the detail in his imagery that he is a master at printmaking as well. He is definately on my list of top 5 authors and illustrators to interview!

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