Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Garden-Vegetable Olympics

Now that I live in California, it's nice to be near my mom who also loves to shop at craft stores with me every few weeks. She has been making the sweetest embroidered dishtowels for each month of the year to give to friends and family. (Nancy, there's one she made for you too :) So, I have been paying lots of attention to all the wonderful embroideries out there and I am smitten by this adorable fruit bowl shopping bag (above) by Gracey May. With a family of 5, I just can't have enough shopping bags to carry all my fuits and veggies home from Trader Joes.

Recently, I received a copy of Champions of the Garden Games in the mail which arrived just in time for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
That's Pete the Red Beet snowboarding in the picture above!

With the Olympics beginning this week-end, everyone will be watching their favorite athletes in the world compete. " What better way to talk about sports and to show children the variety of options they have to enjoy winter and be active year round?" asks author Marvin van Lemon. Through his narration, Marvin introduces children ages 4-8 to several sports that will take place in the Winter Olympics and with this book he has begun a campaign to get children interested in sports and healthy eating.

Studies have shown that it is essential to establish healthy active behaviors early in life. Children who are overweight at an early age have a high risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure and are also more likely to become overweight as adults.

Using a cast of colorful fruits and vegetables illustrated by P. Byron, children can learn about the luge, ski jumping, curling and bobsledding as well as other sports. Through an imaginative and fun tale, this book also introduces children to the importance of being a team player, and my favorite lesson: not letting life's obstacles get in the way of having fun.

On the Olympics note, recently illustrator Jon Klassen (one of my contemporary favorites) co- designed a gorgeous animated Winter Olympics commercial. I think it's the greatest I've seen. So, if you have any time to spare, please have a look. I hope Jon has plans to do a children's book soon.


  1. Like the picture of needle painting on your blog. It was nice watching the BBC sport-2010 winter olympics Inuit Animation.

  2. "Needle painting" is such a nice term! Thanks for stopping by to enjoy a Winter Olympics preview!

  3. Very cool! I have recently been smitten with embroidery, though I haven't tried it yet, and a bag is a great idea! (So is a towel!) Fun post, thanks!

  4. Lovin embroidery these days. Especially like this bowl of fruit! And super cool Winter Olympics commercial. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Hi Amy!I adore your art!!! Thanks so much for stopping by here. I'll bet you can make some sweet embroideries and patterns for the not so artistic but crafty folks as well. I'll be visiting your blog to check when your first embroidered piece appears ;)


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