Monday, February 22, 2010

Noonie's Masterpiece

Since our move back to Los Angeles, I have been discovering lots of wonderful local artists. One artist whose blog I've been following is Sarajo Frieden. I think she actually might even live in my neighborhood. In December she had a show just a few blocks away. Her art is so inspiring!

She has just illustrated an amazing book published by Chronicle Books that we got before my son's field trip to the LACMA. He's a first grader now and learning about art and artists. (His favorite is Picasso.)

Noonie's Masterpiece was originally written as a play by playwright Lisa Railsback. The story is about 10 year old Noonie Norton. Her mother passed away and her father is traveling the world leaving Noonie with relatives who can't appreciate fine art and the brilliant abstract paintings Noonie creates. Uncle Ralph is an unemployed salesman, Cousin Junior is obsessed with aliens and Aunt Sylvia only cares about clean teeth. Noonie's eclectic art teacher tells her that "artists have the power to change the world." She creates an abstract painting for her relatives but the relatives detest it and take away her paints. Then, Noonie is visited by the spirits of Picasso, Van Gogh and O'Keefe who encourage her and tell her that "an artist never quits." Ultimately, Noonie does learn that artists do have the power to change the world!

Here is an awesome trailer of Noonie's Masterpiece:


  1. This does looks like an inspiring story and we love Chronicle. The trailer does of good job of showing Sarajo Frieden's art. I'll look out for the May release!

  2. Yes! You must order some for your bookstore. SJF's art is so colorful and fun.

  3. hi and thanks for the nice comments on noonie! I'm planning to do some sort of event/activity/signing at reform school in sunset junction soon. stay tuned...

  4. Hi Sarajo! Yes, please let us know when your book signing is at Reform School in Silver Lake. I'd also love to do an interview with you too.
    Please keep in touch!


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