Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Banjo for Kiddos

Thanks to the comment left by Playing by the Book on Kim's previous "Dolly" post, I've been listening to lots of banjo in the car with the kids. (OK this recording has been out for a while but I'm a little slow catching up with it.)

Anyway, thought I'd share a you-tube clip of Steve Martin, Bela Fleck and Tony Trischka playing a track from The Crow below.

And, because I'm having fun with this ad I'm working on for the store I'll post what I have so far. I think all you book lovers will appreciate it.
I still have a couple of days to finish it and
I might change the Mark Twain quote to something more practical like: Open 7 days a week. Free gift-wrapping. ????


  1. ooh, I do hope you weren't disappointed by Steve Martin's CD - Dolly doesn't feature on so many tracks although I can't help but love Pretty Flowers. I'm not a fan of Steven Martin's movie career, but I couldn't believe this CD when I heard it. And I've now read that he's turning the song about being late to school into a kids' book - could be interesting!

  2. Steve Martin is so Goofy but plays a great banjo. Hmmm I don't know about that late to school song as a book??? Maybe with a David Shannon as the illustrator it could work????

  3. The fiddler is great. D's first grade class had violin lessons today. He loved it and now wants one for his birthday! I'll take a stand-up bass. Love those.
    Your heart shaped book ad is cute, Nancy and yes! free giftwrap! You have the sweetest wrapping papers too.
    Thanks for sharing with us Playing by the Book :)

  4. Hi Kim,
    I really enjoyed the banjo music as I read about all the other books in the blog..congratulations on Lullaby Moon. I miss story time at the Lafayette Library...freezing in NH but ALL is well. I am glad to have met you during my brief stay in VA.
    Shirley ( Moira's Grandma )

  5. Hi Shirley!
    It's soooo nice to hear from you!I've moved out west to CA and now have a 6 mos. baby boy. Been seeing lots of images of the snow on the east coast. I remember meeting you around the time of the ice storm last winter! I really miss babygarten in Norfolk too. Yeesh! time flies...I bet Moira's walking already (: Please do keep in touch.

  6. Loved the book heart Mark Twain add to your store. Free book wrapping is a must. In Portugal is common to wrap everything for free, so I am still in shock here. Good luck! It's so nice to know you are well and having lots of fun/ success with your book store.

  7. I think Steve Martin is amazing. So many skills. I knew he played banjo but I didnt realize he was that good. Thanks for posting that.


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