Friday, March 20, 2009

Stop the Wind

Today is officially the first day of Spring and it's cold and windy. How the Ladies Stopped the Wind makes for a great read on a day like this.
Author Bruce McMillan has written several stories which take place in Iceland. While I have never been to Iceland, I have only heard raving reviews about this wonderful country. My sister Nancy stopped in Iceland during a mini Euro tour with her husband and little ones in tow. She told me that Iceland was the most child-friendly out of all the countries she visited. My husband also told me that during his visit, his friend, (an Iceland native) told him he could knock on the queen's door and she would invite him in for tea! While I love Bjork and all things Iceland, someday, I vow to go there.
Artist Gunnella's colorful,folksy-style paintings pair well with this humorous, whimsical story of villager women who try to stop the wind by planting saplings which are eaten by the sheep. But the ever-singing Icelandic ladies are determined. They replant trees and fence in the sheep and keep the chickens around to fetilize. Soon the countryside is full of trees and the people in the village never have to worry about the wind.


  1. Iceland is an interesting country it's powered by geothermal energy. I suppose they're restructuring their economy right now. I wish I had more time to explore when we were there. We read The Problem with Chickens and it was a very unique story. I'll have to look for this one too. Thanks

  2. Ohhh! I want to read this book! It reminds me of another one we love about wind The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins. Crossing my fingers the library has it, (but doubting also). :(

  3. Yes, I hope you're both able to find this book too. The illustrations are soooo much fun, full of colorful ladies with funny expressions and super chubby babies in buggies. Thanks for the tip Lindsay, I haven't read that one yet and will check for it at the new Pretlow Library this week.


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