Friday, March 13, 2009


Your Grandfather brought over this rocking chair. " I sat in it to rock your sister and then you," Grandma told me. "Now you will have your own baby to sing to and to hold." _ Eve Bunting

The secret is out.....................
Yes, I am expecting!
It's an exciting time for our family, but now I am trying to prepare our 2 year old for a new sibling. Our "baby" girl will become a big sister this summer and before the BIG arrival, I want her to know that she was loved before she was born and that she will always be important and loved in our family.
So, once again, my hands picked out an Eve Bunting book! This one's from 2008, Blue Sky Press, titled: You Were Loved Before You Were Born.
As a person with a visual mindset, I immediately fell for the gorgeous cover-art by Karen Barbour. Her work in this book somehow reminds me of a cross between Gustav Klimt and early Picasso (modernized to our millenium, of course).


  1. Yeah!!!!!! New little fingers and little toes to tickle!

  2. Thanks Jama! Oh yes, those cute little toes :)


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