Friday, March 27, 2009

Burger Boy and Hamburger Baby

I found it! Last summer when we were visiting family in California (and the ALA of course), my sister and I managed to steal some minutes while my husband watched the kids in the play park in Malibu. Only a few steps away was a wonderful little toy shop with a bookshelf tucked in the corner. It was there that we found Burger Boy. I remember laughing outloud as we read it together. It's a hilarious, cautionary tale by Alan Durant , brilliantly illustrated by Mei Matsuoka. The story is about a little boy named Benny who only eats hamburgers. When his mother's warning comes true and he turns into a hamburger, he is chased all over town by dogs, cows and boys. His mother finally saves him, takes him home and feeds him vegetables. Soon he morphs back into a little boy. The surprise ending is the best, but I'll leave that one for you.

Hamburger Baby is a sweet little handmade toy that I found on etsy. It's made by 7polkadots and I think it's genius. Baby and teddy fit inside the little burger carrying pouch. Oh, how I would have loved this at age 6.........
Okay, I'll admit it, I'd love it now!


  1. You know Mia is very interested in that little crochet burger and dolly. I have have to get one and sit on it until her birthday :- )

  2. She has design your own cupcake babies too
    (you pick the colors). So creative!!!

  3. This book sounds so fun! I'll have to check this one out and I love the little crochet doll. Some people are so creative and then there's me, I like to buy other people's creative projects.

  4. This looks adorable, and I think I know of a little boy who might benefit.... :)


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