Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This gorgeous photo is of Tuscany at dusk (taken by my dearest childhood friend on her family summer trek through Europe). It's an image that seems to come from my dreams and reminds me immediately of Little Night by Yuyi Morales. A fantastic review of this book (that I cannot find better words for) is found here at Seven Impossible Things.

While we are still dreaming of Italy, I brought a classic Italian story home from the library this week: The Story of Pinocchio, (based on the original by Carlo Collodi) retold by Katie Daynes. This is a 2006 Highland Picture book award winner.

The warm and charming pastel illustrations by Italian artist Mauro Evangelista immediately caught my eye. Although I must admit I am no fan of "padded hardbacks" (which remind me of those tacky 70's upholstered toilet seats), the art alone won me over.

Even my 5 year old son who will not let us read him this story at bedtime because it is too scary, loves to just look at the imagery.

Here is yet another photo from our amazing summer vacation in California. I badgered my sister to dig this one up from our Disneyland trip. Yes, now I can see how the story of Pinochio can be a little bit scary to a child.....

Sweet Dreams.

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  1. I ADORE Little Night. And those Tuscany photos really are dreamy. S didn't want to have much to do with being swallowed by a whale either- or any animal with teeth for that matter. Hey! Not all whales have teeth.


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