Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Did anyone stay up as late as I did to watch the closing ceremonies for the Olympics? Was it because you wanted to catch a glimpse of Jimmy Page? The fold-out double decker London- bus- becomes- a- stage was amazing, but seeing him play made me realize my age..... and of course it was also a reminder that us older folks can still ROCK!!!!

My D loves Go-Go-Go! by David Goldin because he can read it and also because the illustrations are cartoonish and extremely funny.

Maurice wants to win the gold cup in the bike race that's held once a year. He's a sweet, big, goofy character and you can't help but cheer him on through all his trials. His arch nemesis, Stinky is a scraggly character with a big nose that has green polkadots and stink squiggles always surround him. He's very mean to Maurice and(you guessed it...) in the end Maurice triumphs over evil to win the gold cup!

It's a wacky and zany adventure with words and characters flying all over the pages and David's pink puffy trees remind me oh so much of Dr. Seuss's, which makes me wonder who his influences are. His site features Tetanus Toys that have me laughing out loud. The things you can do with an old paddle racket and a shoe!

Every evening, since the start of the Olympic games, we've been hosting our own olympics right here in the backyard. You're invited, just don't forget to bring the bug spray because the mosquitoes in the South are at full force this time of year! Lots of volleyball with beach balls between his team, USA (which includes Daddy) and mine(avec la bebe sister) is Russia. And you can guess who always wins.

We also host track and field, swimming, diving and bike racing.

But I think we'll have to have closing ceremonies when school starts.

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