Saturday, August 9, 2008


Last night we watched the opening ceremonies for the summer Olympics in Beijing, China. At one point in the ceremony they had over 2,200 Tai Kwon Do masters all dressed in white, moving in beautiful formations and running at high speeds, all so graceful. It amazes me that they didn't make any mistakes or run into one another!

It's almost too ironic that my girlfriend in Ashville just emailed me some sweet photos of her little ones dressed for Tai Kwon Do.

Below is another photo of Lucas with his friend who just happens to be a chef at a Chinese Restaurant in Memphis (R.I.P. Isaac Hayes).....which brings me to carry on with the theme of China and restaurants to....

Chopsticks by Jon Berkeley.

This is a beautiful picture book about a little white mouse named Chopsticks who lives inside of a Floating Chinese restaurant in the Hong Kong Harbor. Outside the restaurant are 2 enormous pillars with carvings of wooden dragons. On a magical New Year's night, one of the dragons speaks to Chopsticks. He wishes to come alive and fly, so Chopsticks visits the old wood carver who holds the secret to granting the old dragon's wish. This is the start of a wonderful and unlikely friendship and the beginning of an exciting adventure. The two fly over gorgeously illustrated foreign scenes and mystical Chinese landscapes.

Jon Berkeley sure is one talented guy. He's also a husband and the father of 5 kids, 6 cats and a dog. How does he do it? Must be his sense of humor! Be sure to visit his website and click on his great portraiture/charicatures. Don't miss the one of Robert Smith's hair!

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