Friday, June 6, 2008

Mommy in My Pocket

I've been thinking about the Kidlitosphere conference in Portland which makes me think of Powell's Books. This is a fabulous bookstore that reminds me of a bigger version of Cody's Books in Berkeley and my college days. Oh and if you're ever on 4th Street in Berkeley it is worth a walk up the block to Builder's Booksource. Anyway short story long, the last time I was in Portland I found this sweet little book titled, Mommy in My Pocket by Carol Hunt Senderak and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata.

This is one those picture books where the text and illustrations are just right. They story is rhythmic. "What if I saw a shooting star fall, and wished for my mommy to be small?" And I am particularly fond of Hiroe Nakata's watercolors. Notice there are no hard angles or bold outlines and the characters are smiling in every illustration- just soft sweetness.

Carol Hunt Senderak's story tells of a little bunny's first day at school and how she wishes her mother could stay with her. So she imagines shrinking her mommy down and carrying her around in her pocket. "I'd whisper softly as the day went on, 'I'm so happy you're here with me, Mom'. " As she goes about her school day activities, the mini mommy in her pocket goes along and almost falls out! On the last page the little bunny says she knows she'll be okay because ".... the love in mommy's hug and kiss will stay with me all day!" As school is winding down and every child's favorite time of year !Summer Vacation! is approaching, this picture book is not only about the anxiety kid's have about the first day of school, but also about how much they love being with their families.

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