Sunday, June 8, 2008

Funeral For A Frog

We are having a record breaking heat wave on the east coast. With temperatures in the upper 90's and the digital roadside bank thermometer reading 105! Wheesh!

It's been another busy week-end. Yesterday we attended a 5 year old girl's Birthday Party and then an elaborate Funeral for A Frog.

After the party we came home to find a little dried up frog on our porch. At first my son thought he was cute and alive and then when he realized the morbid truth, his eyes started to well up and he was truly sad for the little fellow. That's when I decided to break out the paints and let him decorate a magic headstone for Fred's new home. We dug a deep hole, placed Fred on a leaf and built a wall of pebbles around him. Then we buried him in his fortress and placed the magical transport stone on top. We both agreed he would regenerate and have a happy new life.

That night we read another chapter from The Secrets of Droon series books by Tony Abbott, full of magic, adventure and imagination. A kind-of cross between Harry Potter and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. These are geared more for the first grade reading level, not picture boooks, although there is one black and white illustration featured in each chapter.

The next morning he woke up from a beautiful dream where Fred jumped out of his fortress and flew through the sky with my son to Pluto. They placed 2 flags on the planet and Fred gave him a smile and a wink.

Today I visited Fred's fortress and saw that his headstone had been overturned and his home dug up. Hmmmmm I wonder if ........


  1. Fred Frog is Flying in Outer Space!
    That dried frog story reminds me about a friend who told me of a little girl who found a dead mouse in the park. She carefully picked it up and carried it over to her saying Feifel, Feifel! And you have to sensitive and not scream. : )

  2. Ohhhh I'm glad it wasn't a dead mouse!!!! I had Daddy search the dug up fortress for Fred and he couldn't be found. What happened remains a mystery. Maybe he really did make the trip to Pluto.


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