Monday, April 12, 2010

Ocean's Child

I must return this overdue library book today. I've been holding onto it for a bit too long....

Ocean's Child by Christine Ford is a poetic, soothing bedtime story about parental love and oneness with the universe.
A pregnant inuit mother and her child paddle in a small boat through the ocean at dusk and observe the "children of the ocean" being snuggled to sleep by their mothers.

When the last lullaby of the whale song is sung, Baby naps on Mother's back.
To Ocean's child we say good night.
Goodnight, little whale, good night.

I held onto this book because the inuit seascape illustrations by (Caldecott award winning artist) David Diaz glow and radiate with a warmth that I've never seen before in any illustration and I'm in love with the peaches, yellow and turqoise color combinations....

(and also because I wanted to share this book with you).

It's a wonderful rhythmic and hypnotizing bedtime story that is sure to calm, soothe and lull your little one(s) to sleep.


  1. Wow. I find the images very soothing. I'm going to have to track this down and see if it has the same effect on the children.

  2. First I had to smile because I'm the same with library books - I keep them and keep them and keep them - and renew them until I REALLY have to return them... but I'm SO glad you shared this one with us - this illustrations are absolutely gorgeous - you're right they do "glow".

  3. I recently found your blog, and very much enjoy reading it, probably because I love picture books, and am so glad to be able to share them with my granddaughter.


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