Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Author/ Illustrator, Marjolein Varekamp sent this darling photo of her daughter and her Easter Rabbit, Jip. Marjolein who wrote and illustrated A Wonderful Week with Bees Knees Books is currently working on a new book about a little mouse named Harold for a Dutch publisher due out fall next year. Congratulations Marjolein!!!

My family is enjoying a very wet and windy Easter indoors this year and the girls are looking forward to a week off for spring break. It looks like we'll be planning some crafty things to do inside the house. And some gardening when the weather clears and the earth is nice and soft.

Happy Easter!


  1. That's the most beautiful bunny I have ever seen!

  2. That is indeed a gorgeous bunny! Looks like it could be out of Jan Brett's recent book :-)

  3. Yes! It is a special bunny breed from the Netherlands. Jan Brett's Easter Egg book was gorgeous wasn't it!!

  4. That is the hugest bunny I've ever seen! Wendy xxx


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