Monday, March 15, 2010

Wormy Worm Meets Hip Hop Dog

My sister Nancy and I are big-time Chris Raschka book fans, so much, that we talk about his books over phone conversations.
Yesterday, I was telling her how my little C, who just turned 3 (rhymes) wants me to read Wormy Worm over and over again as she squeals in delight!

It's part of his series of Thingy Things published by Hyperion from 200-2002.
Some in this series include: Moosey Moose, Whaley Whale, Sluggy Slug, Doggy Dog, Snaily Snail, Whaley Whale, Goosey Goose and Wormy Worm.

I know we've already had a few Chris Raschka posts at Bees Knees: there's one on the Hello, Goodbye Window which you can revisit here and A Kick in the Head here.

Meanwhile, Nancy is raving about Chris' new book: Hip Hop Dog published by Harper Collins which I haven't seen or read but can't wait to check out. The illustrations are not by Chris but Snoop Dogg fan, Vladimir Radunsky. It's a great combo!
Here's a super neato trailer I found of it:


  1. Ah! We love, love, love the thingy thing books. Moosey Moose is my personal fave...

  2. I hadn't come across Chris Raschka until this week - I found his Peter and the Wolf book. Now I'll have to look out for this one too!

  3. I haven't heard of the thingy thing books - will have to check them out.

  4. Ive never seen these books either. Ive placed a subscription and await my first post.
    Thanks for visiting me or Id never have found you!

  5. I love Raschka's work and didn't know about all the thingy thing books either. Thanks Kim!


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