Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dark Night

French author/illustrator Dorothee de Monfreid has created quite a few wonderful picture books. Unfortunately, Dark Night is the only one I found that has been translated to English.

These are some of my favorite illustrations from the story. You can find an excellent review of Dorothee's book by Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
If your library gets a copy in, check it out asap. It's wonderful!


  1. I'm off to read Seven Imps review but the illustrations remind me of a mix between Mo Willems and Maurice Sendak : ) Fun!

  2. Did you get a chance to click on the link to her other books in French? Her Pipicaca book looks so funny!! And her coco and Chacha series looks great too.
    I agree about the illustrations. This one is definitely Wild Things inspired with the cool Mo simplicity.


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