Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Secret Science Alliance

My 6 year old son took this photo of the display he made for his favorite book: The Secret Science Alliance by Eleanor Davis. The package arrived in the mail last week and I handed it to D as soon as he came home from school. "It's a book for you, sent from the author of Stinky" I said. Eagerly, he tore into the package, dropped to the floor and read

and read
and read
and read........... all 154 pages in one sitting! This must be a record for a 6 year old or at least it is for mine (who has a hard time sitting still :)
We are big fans of Stinky (book review here) and Eleanor Davis(interview here).
Now I will conduct a short book review/ interview with my son who has read The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook twice already and is an expert on the subject.

This story takes place in: middle school

Main characters were: Ben, Greta and Julian

The problem was: A copycat crook copied their inventions by stealing Julian's secret invention notebook.

In the end: Julian throws a glue bomb and the copycat crook, Dr. Stringer gets caught by the officers who take him to jail. The glue bomb picture is the coolest. It looks like green slime with legs. The ingredients are vinegar, orange soda and laundry detergent.

The thing I really liked: was the spring- loaded super-boots that Ben invented. The springs pop Dr. Stringer in the bellybutton! Ben's other invention, the stink-o-meter is pretty cool too. It makes stinky objects odor free!

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  1. Yes!! The comic book format is so fun and engaging when well done- and Eleanor has a magic touch with the illustrations and flow. Fun to see D into this book. Thanks for showing us!


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