Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here Comes Jack Frost

When my sister Nancy came for a visit, she told me about this great new book that she just got in her store: Here Comes Jack Frost. Finally I got a chance to see it at our local bookshop. It's wonderful and it just happens to be by one of my favorite artist/authors: Kazuno Kohara. I did a review of her other book, Ghosts in the House here. She is a talented Japanese artist who now resides in Cambridge and her specialty is linocut printmaking. Her style is simple and sweet, designed for all ages to enjoy.
The story is about a lonely boy who has nobody to play with until he meets Jack Frost and discovers how mystical and enchanting winter can be!
So far, Kazuno has Fall and Winter covered and I'm hoping she'll come out with Spring and Summer stories soon too. I haven't been able to find Kazuno's website or contact info, so Kazuno, if you happen to read this post, I'd love love, love to have you as a guest on our blog for an interview. Let me know when you're free. I have so many questions to ask!
P.S. I forgot to mention that Kazuno's Ghosts in the House was a NY Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year and an ALA Notable Childrens Book of 2009 and Here Comes Jack Frost is a big winner in my book too!


  1. I really like Kohara's art also. I expect we'll be seeing a lot more from her : )

  2. Such lovely art! I hope you hear from her.

  3. I love lino and wood cuts. Sure wish I could achieve a half decent one of those. jan

  4. Kazuno was one of my students on the Masters in Children's book Illustration in Cambridge (where she still lives - not in London). She is exceptionally talented. if only you could see the books the publishers have not published!!! I rate her right up at the top with Tove Jansson! She is the most shy, modest and gifted person you could hope to meet. I am so happy to see her being celebrated by you all here. Thank you!

  5. Wow James! I am so honored to have Kazuno's former art instructor comment here at Bees Knees. I would LOVE to see her books that have not yet been published (how lucky you are!!!) If you should happen to speak to Kazuno, please, please tell her that I am itching to do an interview with her and see some more of her art. Thanks for the Cambridge correction ( I will fix that ASAP) and by the way I love chocolate and the Moomins too!

  6. I just have to add that I was gifted a copy of James Mahew's, Katie Meets the Impressionists by a friend who was travelling in the South of France a couple of years ago. We've enjoyed this book a lot!


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