Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have to share the trailer of The Fox and the Child as this film is gorgeous. Perhaps it is a little slow for what kids are used to watching these days but the cinematography is a visual treat. Filmed in the French and Italian Alps the English version of this French film is narrated by Kate Winslet and tells the story of a 10-year-old girl who befriends a fox. Over the course of a year she and her wild friend share adventures that lead her to the realization that you can not possess what you love- especially foxes that instinctively distrust all potential predators, for good reason. My suggestion- get some hot chocolate and popcorn and enjoy this movie at home with or without kids.

Thinking of foxes, we got the new movie tie-in edition of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox in at the bookstore this week and Quentin Blake's illustrated version as well. Definitely read the story, or read it to your little ones if you haven't already, and then check out the movie.

Of children, Roald Dahl said, "They love being spooked... They love chocolates and toys and money... They love being made to giggle."

This is a wonderful time of year... fields covered in orange pumpkins, crisp mornings, soft sweaters, and rosy-cheeked children!


  1. I would have LOVED this movie when I was a little girl and Now too, I'm sure. Look at those sweet little hedgehogs scurrying away and the alps are gorgeous.
    Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox sounds like fun too.
    Hooray!! Fall is officially here :)

  2. So many kids really love books that feature animals as the characters. It must be something about the way a kid can relate, but from a little bit of a distance that makes the character speak more to the child, more so than a "real" character would. I was reminded of this once again in "Runt Farm: Under New Management," which is the first in the Runt Farm books. (by the way, there's even a vegetarian cat!) Each animal character is unique, each has its own foibles and quirks. I like that they're smart and funny, and that that intelligence is celebrated, through great vocabulary. Kids will just relate to what the animals go through: rebellion, crying, a flair for flair, whatever.


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